16 Best Framer Websites For Design Inspiration In 2024

16 Best Framer Websites For Design Inspiration In 2024

Mar 13, 2024


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Best Framer Websites
Best Framer Websites
Best Framer Websites


Looking for the best Framer websites out there? I got your back.

I put together this list of the 16 best Framer websites so you can use it to inspire your future projects.

The list is in no particular order. The first website is no better than the last one - it’s a totally random sequence.

I love all of them and think they deserve a spot here.

Hope you like the list!

Note: This is an ever-evolving collection, and I’m always open to new suggestions. So, if you think there’s a website worth mentioning, feel free to email me or message me on Twitter.

Best Framer Websites For Design Inspiration

1. Superhuman

Superhuman website built in Framer

Superhuman’s website design is attention-grabbing and colorful.

Their design team successfully used different color combinations and gradients without making the design feel messy or overwhelming.

With scroll animations, bento grids, and gradients, the design feels modern and cutting-edge, fitting the idea of an AI-powered tool.

2. Knob

Know website built in Framer

Knob’s landing page stands out with a unique design style.

The layout is incredibly unique and nowhere similar to what you’re used to find on typical websites.

Images and feature descriptions are creatively placed, not following the usual alignment, yet it all comes together beautifully.

The color palette is simple, mostly black and white, with orange used as the accent color.

3. WeGrow

WeGrow web design agency website powered by Framer

When you have a design agency, you can’t get away with a bad website design.

Fortunately for WeGrow’s website, that’s absolutely not the case!

The website is simple, clean, and beautiful overall. The use of a smooth scroll effect and a couple of micro-interactions make the browsing experience even more pleasant.

Their spotless design is a testament to their commitment to delivering the highest quality possible to their clients.

Their stunning website also earned them an honorable mention from Awwwards and a third place in the Site of the Year 2023 Framer contest.

4. Carbonable

Carbonable website built using Framer

Of all the websites on this list, this must be one of my favorites.

Carbonable is a brand dedicated to ecology and climate change - and its website communicates these values perfectly.

From typography to animations, from the colour palette to assets, every design element contributes to the brand’s identity and mission.

The skilful use of gradients, colors, animations, and interactions leaves a lasting impression on the user.

Lastly, the scrolling experience is fun and smooth, making the user experience even more enjoyable.

5. Helium Mobile

Helium mobile website developed using Framer

Coming back to colorful websites, we find Helium Mobile.

Despite the website being dark-themed, it certainly doesn’t lack colors!

Instead of the more standard single accent color, Helium uses different palettes based on the page, and the homepage beautifully brings them all together.

The design feels modern and cheerful, perfect for appealing to a younger audience, and the use of animations gives the design an additional touch.

6. Pinnacle Design Lab

Pinnacle website built in Framer

Next, we have another design agency! (I guess no wonder 🤷🏼‍♂️) However, the style is completely different here.

If WeGrow goes for a cleaner and simpler layout, Pinnacle Design Lab opts for a more futuristic style.

The combination of scroll animations and micro-interactions leaves a lasting impression on the user.

The website’s unique style has earned it an Awwwards honourable mention and a Framer Site of the Month award.

7. Off-Grid

Off-grid website built with Framer

Let’s start by saying that I love Off-grids’ color palette.

They nailed the perfect contrast ratio between the black background and the orange accent elements.

The website also features some stunning animations and interactions, like the background change when you hover over the CTA in the middle of the page.

Another peculiarity to notice is the unique layout used in the CMS-generated pages. Although the layout is unique, it still feels intuitive.

8. LearnType

LearnType Framer website

LearnType is a landing page for a book dedicated to learning how to design fonts.

Based on this introduction, can you guess what’s the best part about the website?

You guessed it!

The website successfully blends two very different typefaces, showcasing how fonts alone play an essential role in a website’s overall visual appeal.

The fonts used are:

  • Nuances Condensed Black (serif font)

  • Rules Regular (sans-serif font)

But typography is not the only point in favor of this website: the hierarchy is perfect, the layout is on point, the assets are of the highest quality, and the animations add a nice, interactive touch to the website.

9. Georgi Valk

Georgi Valk personal portfolio built using Framer

Finally, here’s the first of three personal portfolios included in the list.

Georgi’s portfolio is clean yet stunning. The animations are catchy yet balanced. The color palette is attention-grabbing yet not straining on the eyes.

The combination of animations and custom cursors makes the experience even more enjoyable, especially on desktops.

The layout is complemented by interactive 2D characters that add a playful tone to the design and leave a positive impression on users.

10. Yann-Edern Gillet

Yann-Edern portfolio powered by Framer

Yann-Edern’s portfolio must be one of my favorite websites on this list.

The portfolio is unique, to say the least. The layout is primarily geometric yet very peculiar.

The color palette is mostly dark, with some red and yellow used sparingly as the accent colors.

The simple animations and interactions are on point and add a nice little touch to what I consider an already beautiful website.

Finally, the website’s footer includes a small Easter egg: The different colors used throughout the site are used as piano keys that produce actual notes.

11. Diana Lu

Diana Lu portfolio built in Framer

I absolutely wanted to include Diana’s portfolio, as it’s one of the few horizontal websites running on Framer.

Also, I love it!

The design is simple and to the point. The inclusion of hand-drawn 2D characters gives the portfolio a unique feeling.

The friendly tone of the website leaves a positive impression on visitors, inviting them to explore further.

All the information is presented in a clear and straightforward way, making the website easy to navigate and use regardless of the unique layout.

12. Lovi

Lovi Framer website

Lovi’s website is a perfect example of simplicity and clarity, with clean design elements and intuitive navigation.

Despite its minimalist aesthetic, it doesn’t lack personality or interactivity, making for an engaging user experience.

The combination of simple bento boxes, subtle animations, and rounded corners gives the design a modern and clean touch.

13. Uroki Tattoo

Uroki Tattoo studio website built with Framer

What happens when your Framer designer is a master of scroll animations, typography, and blending modes?

You receive the best tattoo studio website you’ll ever see.

Uroki Tattoo’s website is a work of art in itself, with scroll animations and typography that showcase the studio’s creativity and skill.

The design stands out for its innovative layout and attention to detail, creating a memorable browsing experience for visitors.

14. Disco Dungeon

Disco Dungeon website developed using Framer

Disco Dungeon was awarded site of the month for June 2023 - and for good reasons!

The creative scroll interaction, where the character follows you as you learn about the app, adds a playful twist to the browsing experience.

As you scroll down and learn about the game, you’ll see different sections connecting as you were exploring an actual dungeon.

Despite the heavy reliance on animations and videos, the website still loads incredibly fast, and the overall experience is super smooth.

It’s a great example of how to engage users through interactive storytelling.

15. Melnūdens

Melnūdens website powered by Framer

Melnūdens’ website exudes elegance and sophistication, with a masterful use of color, typography, and layout.

Subtle animations and refined design elements elevate the browsing experience, creating a sense of luxury and prestige.

The desktop devices’ split-screen layout makes the design stand out from more typical approaches.

The website uses a font called Manrope, which is a semi-condensed, clean, and minimal font that helps convey the idea of classicism.

16. Sebastian Martinez

Sebastian Martinez design portfolio

How could I not include the portfolio that earned Sebastian the Framer Site of the Year Award for 2023?

The portfolio’s unique layout is a testament to Sebastian’s creativity, and the animations are a testament to his skill in using the tool.

If you’re a fan of creative layouts and scroll animations, you’ll love this website.


And that was it. I hope you’ve found some good designs for inspiration.

If you know a website that deserves to be on the list, feel free to send me an email or a message on Twitter letting me know the URL of the website.

Thanks for reading!

- Luca

Luca Da Corte
Luca Da Corte

Luca Da Corte is a certified Framer Expert and SEO specialist with over two years of experience. He's also the founder of clicks.supply, one of the biggest collections of Framer templates, components, and resoruces.

Luca Da Corte is a certified Framer Expert and SEO specialist with over two years of experience. He's also the founder of clicks.supply, one of the biggest collections of Framer templates, components, and resoruces.

Table Of Contents:

Best Framer Websites For Design Inspiration

Table Of Contents:

Table Of Contents:

Best Framer Websites For Design Inspiration

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